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Proper Disposal of Contact Lenses

Doctors of optometry have a responsibility to patients to educate them on how best to care for their contact lenses and their eye health. This includes educating patients regarding safe choices for disposing of their worn lenses. The AOA has created a fact sheet for doctors of optometry and their staff on appropriate methods for…
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AOA Awards

The career path of a paraoptometric contains various opportunities, some of which may carry with it recognition by your peers.  The AOA offers National Recognition for the Paraoptometric of the Year, which you will read about below.  The WPA also recognizes Wisconsin paras who exceed the 'call of duty' in their particular offices.  Each office…
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In Defense of Robert

In Defense of Robert’s Rules Have you ever gone to a meeting and wondered why the officers were saying some weird sounding things? When there is an election, why do they ask for nominations three times for the same position? Well, they are not just being weird or trying to see if anyone is paying…
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