December 2019- The Chief Complaint Drives the Bus

November 2019- Have you reviewed your fees lately?

October 2019- Back to Basics

September 2019- Retinal Screening Images vs. Medically Necessary Fundus Photos 

August 2019- Modifier -25 and Billing a Foreign Body Removal

July 2019- Paying attention to accurate coding has a huge financial impact…like a $15k difference!

June 2019-Putting some thought to the Mental State Examination

May 2019-A Complete Interpretation & Report is NOT Optional

April 2019- Telehealth- Part III

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February 2019- Telehealth – Part I

January 2019- The Evolving Medical Record

December 2018 - The Power of the Pen

November 2018- The AOA is a strong advocate, but you must also standup for yourself.

October 2018 – Can You Bill a Surgical Procedures on the Same Day as an Office Visit?

September 2018- Make sure you looked at your diagnosis codes before October 1st. 

August 2018- Proposed Rule Change to E&M Documentation

July 2018- ICD-10 Updates

June 2018- Coding  Ophthalmological Service Codes Or E&M Codes 

May 2018-  The Time is NOW!

April 2018- Did you know you can look up Medicare’s fee schedule online?

March 2018 - Billing Medical vs. Routine Eye Exams

February 2018- Have you reviewed your fee schedule this year?

January 2018- Are your charts complete?

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